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Mix Brewery

Probably the smallest micro brewery in Hertfordshire.

We produce small batch handcrafted real ales and continental beers.

Everything from the usual English bitters, porters and stouts to American pale ales, Belgian wit, German bock and many more.  

All made from 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives.

They is always something new and different and we will brew just about anything.

There is no bad beer!

Just some better than others and that is down to you - the drinker!

Latest Awards

At the recent 2015 London and Southeast Craft Brewing Festival we won two awards.

Our German Bock - Springbock won 1st in the Lager category and ultimately placed 3rd from 250 beers.

Southwold Pirate won 3rd in the American Pale Ales.

Unfortunately Springbock is currently Sold Out

but will return soon.